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Team Plan

  • For service team members
  • Create new projects
  • Assign work to other team members
  • Email support
  • Create and publish 3 service products

Join the waitlist

Join the waitlist

Our beta program is currently full. Click the link above to be put on the waitlist.

  • Upload docx templates

    Reuse your existing Word and .docx files to create templates. Simply replace form fields with {placeholders} which match your custom forms and upload!

  • Generate documents using your templates and form responses

    Use your templates to automatically generate documents. Send them manually, or create entirely automated workflows with ease!

  • Accept payments online

    We'll help you accept payments for your service products online. Need a website? Reach out and we'll hook you up. Your success is our success.

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  • Create service workflows

    Build a workflow with the team and automated tasks needed to produce a service product.

  • Create tasks for team members or yourself

    Tasks are created just in time through your workflow, or add tasks for yourself or team members to handle unique situations.

  • Create projects from workflows

    Save time and stress by assigning tasks and projects with help from WorkCart. Build products which clients can purchase from you anytime.

  • Send automated emails

    WorkCart acts as your automated assistant. Send emails to clients according to your custom templates, or use built-in messaging.

  • Send Calendly links

    Spend less time scheduling (and rescheduling!) by linking your Calendly account to your WorkCart workflow to automatically book client meetings.

  • Create custom forms with drag-and-drop

    Gather information from client in simple, elegant forms which you can build yourself.

  • Upload documents to projects

    Manage your project documents online within vrtu by uploading documents through forms or directly into the vrtu platform. Invite your client for increased collaboration.

  • Estimate task length and project SLAs 

    Compare projects to review efficiency, cost and manage service delivery expectations. Track task and project duration without ever entering billed time.

  • Calculate business cost and profit

    Track your project and business expenses so that you're able to set data-informed prices and see your profit grow!

  • Send Google Forms

    Integrate your WorkCart workflow with Google Workspace to take advantage of existing cloud automations and operations.

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