What does that mean exactly?

We look at providing service as a workflow. That workflow includes the professional, their team, and should make use of technology. This workflow forms the basis for a product.

With WorkCart, you're able to create a services workflow which turns your service into a product which is easy to market to consumers online.

From Process to Product

You've heard the buzz about "productization" and want to know more, right? When you think of your services as part of a larger process to achieve an outcome for your client, then put a price on it, you're productizing.

Increase your capacity for work while streamlining your processes with WorkCart.

Create a service product

Don't recreate the wheel.

Start with a template

Most lawyers and other skilled professionals have checklists and precedents for nearly every situation. WorkCart lets you manage those checklists and workflows automatically as templates, connecting the right form or document to the right client's information, at just the right time.

Send the same email every time a new client retains you? Using a Word doc over and over with copy/paste? There's a better way.

Collaborate with everyone

Colleagues to clients

Society moves forward when we collaborate. More than a simple client portal, WorkCart is a central platform where everyone and everything meets.

Communicate securely and directly with clients and colleague from the back office to Bali.

Share files, messages and allow self-serve reporting.

Beyond client work, WorkCart enables professionals to collaborate on processes in ways which move forward the practice of law.

Start a decentralized professional services firm or create workflow templates for other professionals and realize new earning potential using your knowhow.