Create service workflows

Create a workflow for each service you provide to keep yourself and your team organized.

Create projects from workflows

When a client requests your service, trigger the associated workflow to start your custom process. Trigger manually, or (soon!) link your services online to your WorkCart service workflow and let clients request service directly.

Create tasks for team members or yourself

Automatically create the tasks your team needs to get work done based on your workflow. Also add single unique tasks to manage work not related to specific projects.

Send automated emails

Choose from built-in messages crafted by WorkCart or use your own templates to send customized emails to clients - without ever opening Outlook.

Send Calendly links

Delegate your scheduling to Calendly, automatically sending invitations to your client to book a time which works for both of you.

Create custom forms

Use our unique easy drag-and-drop editor to create styled forms to gather client information and save their responses to WorkCart for later. Add validation, help text, placeholders and more to gather rich data.

Send your clients Google Forms

If you're a Google Workspace user and want to use your own database, you can send Google Form links to your clients and trigger Workspace actions through WorkCart.

Upload documents to projects

Keep track of important documents by having clients upload them through forms, or log in to WorkCart to add or view project documents directly.

Estimate task length and project SLAs

Compare time estimates to reality at a task level to gain efficiency and manage client service level agreements. Keep track of how long is spent on a task or entire project without ever having to enter or bill time.

Calculate business costs and profit

Keep track of your expenses - salaries, technology costs, fixed costs like rent or internet, and outside services to better calculate your cost of doing business - along with your profit!

  • Upload docx templates

    Reuse your existing Word and .docx files to create templates. Simply replace form fields with {placeholders} which match your custom forms and upload!

  • Generate documents using your templates and form responses

    Use your templates to automatically generate documents. Send them manually, or create entirely automated workflows with ease!

  • Accept payments online

    We'll help you accept payments for your service products online. Need a website? Reach out and we'll hook you up. Your success is our success.