Creator Program

We think all knowledge workers are Creators. Your knowledge is valuable, and we think you should be paid for it!

With WorkCart, you can share (and moneteize) your knowledge in different ways. If you provide your service directly to a client - great! Create your service product workflows and get going!

Your knowledge can take other forms, too, which don't require direct client interaction.

  • Your process knowledge can become a service product workflow.

  • Your design thinking knowledge can build easy-to-use forms.

  • Your expert drafting or document management knowledge can become templates which other professionals can use and build on.

  • Your customer service expertise can copywrite informative emails.

All of this knowledge is incredibly valuable. This information can be shared with others to help improve their service, provide better client experiences, and can generate a drip income for you as a benefit.

We're building out a Community Library of amazing user-created service products. If you'd like to share your process by creating a service product with WorkCart, join the Creator Program. 

Send us a message to learn more, and turn your knowledge into a product.


Contact WorkCart about our Creator Program