WorkCart is the services engine for modern professionals

WorkCart is the services engine for modern professionals

The problem we saw

Services are an important part of commerce. Services are driven by people, for the benefit of people. To provide services more effectively to consumers, people need to work together. This is made easier using technology and a well-formed process to form a supply chain for service delivery.

With vrtulaw, we saw an opportunity for lawyers to deliver service to clients better. The keys are process and price. Process to develop the most impactful service supply chain, and price to keep the project on track.

The experience of purchasing products online is familiar and known, especially to digitally-native generations. Prices are fixed as the supply chain is carefully mapped out.

Purchasing services, however, is difficult to manage for both the client and professional. The process tends to be manual and unstructured, which often sets the tone for the project itself. This unstructured process leads to billing time spent, rather than providing a project cost to the client. This leads to price uncertainty, which impacts which clients engage with legal services. It also leads to a toxic work culture based on productivity over results.

Our solution

The solution is productized services.

Many legal services can be delivered like we're used to purchasing products. Offering a productized service provides a better client experience while providing a structured, repeatable process for the professionals who deliver that service.

The knowledge of all professionals is valuable intellectual property.

If you look at workflows and processes, service professionals have more in common than they do differences. All professionals advertise their services somehow. They all intake clients and gather information from them. They all use that information in various but similar ways, such as to send emails or fill out forms and documents. And they all need to be paid in ways that are both easy to the client and to the professional.

When shared, these processes improve our work life, and provide more value for our clients.

Broad services not limited to legal

Since launching in the summer of 2021, vrtulaw has worked with a number of law firms to review and develop productized legal services. While working specifically with law firms has its own benefits and challenges, we've always seen a more connected future for service professionals beyond lawyers. After all - Jasmine isn't a lawyer, but a former legal assistant.

To reflect our broader vision of a connected services future, vrtulaw is rebranding to WorkCart effective March 22, 2022.

When you think of your service as the workflow which helps you deliver that service, you're productizing. Build services that scale and engage your clients online, whether you're an architect, a tattoo artist, or even a lawyer using WorkCart.

We're currently waiting list only. To be added to the list for an upcoming release, sign up here. To learn more about what WorkCart does, check out our features.