Increase Your Profit by Increasing Your Productivity

Increase Your Profit by Increasing Your Productivity

There’s no denying that running a service business is challenging. It comes with its own set of unique challenges and stressors that are different from running a manufacturing business. There are many challenges you may face as an owner, including how to increase productivity to reduce costs and remain profitable, how to increase the number of services provided without an increase in employees, and how to streamline your processes so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing services. However, there are plenty of solutions available that can help make your business more productive. In this blog post, we’ll look at seven strategies for increasing productivity in your service business.

Be selective about which services you offer

In most service industries, the majority of companies offer a wide variety of services. However, in certain service industries, like landscaping or plumbing, many companies focus on a specific subset of services. In these industries, only a minority of companies offer a wide range of services. Why does this matter? Research shows that when people choose a specific service, they are more likely to make additional purchases on that service than if they chose a more general service. If you offer a very specific set of services, your customers are more likely to use multiple services on that list, which can increase your profitability. If you offer a wide range of services, however, your customers are less likely to make a second purchase on any of those services.

Establish a digital workflow

If your business is primarily focused on one-off projects, it’s important to have an efficient digital workflow. How do you do this? A digital workflow is a system of managing tasks, communication, and project information that’s primarily conducted through the use of technology. By having a well-organized digital workflow, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks and focus more time on providing services. You can also reduce the amount of time it takes customers to receive the services by streamlining your communications. There are a variety of tools you can use to establish a digital workflow, including project management software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and virtual assistant apps. For example, project management software can help you track work, communicate with customers, and forecast your workload. A CRM system can help you track your sales, manage your contacts, and organize your marketing efforts. And a virtual assistant app can be used to organize your communications and schedule appointments.

Hire virtual employees to assist your staff

If your team is struggling to keep up with demand, hiring virtual employees can be an effective way to increase productivity and reduce costs. There are many types of remote employees in demand, including virtual assistants, online content creators, online marketing specialists, and remote IT and software developers. Many of these roles can help reduce your administrative and logistical burdens, including scheduling issues and heavy administrative loads. For example, a virtual assistant can assist your team in a variety of ways, including scheduling, organizing communications, and facilitating your workflow. Or, hire remote sales or marketing specialists to help boost your sales. Marketing specialists can assist your team with things like customer research, lead management, and other analytical activities. By hiring virtual employees, you can reduce the amount of time your employees spend on administrative tasks, freeing up their time for more productive work.

Adopt automation where possible

Automated processes, such as sending emails and notifications automatically, can save you a significant amount of time and effort, especially when you have certain processes that are conducted frequently. For example, you might have a customer service process that requires you to frequently call customers to schedule appointments. Instead of manually conducting those calls, you can use an automated phone system that prompts customers to schedule their appointments. Conducting calls through an automated system saves you time and effort, allowing your employees to focus on more important things. There are many other areas where you can adopt automation to increase productivity. For example, you can use software for accounting, scheduling, marketing, or other administrative tasks. You can also use technology to help you communicate more efficiently with your customers, using features like live chat and email autoresponders.

Measure productivity and take action based on the data

As you implement the strategies above, it’s important to measure the impact they have on productivity. One way to do this is by conducting periodic productivity assessments. To conduct a productivity assessment, you’ll need to first define what productivity means to you. Productivity can be defined in a variety of ways, such as the amount of revenue generated per hour, the amount of revenue generated per employee, or the amount of work completed per unit of time. Once you have a clear definition of productivity, you can start measuring your productivity against that definition. For example, if you have a sales team, you can measure their productivity by the number of sales calls they complete per day and the amount of revenue generated per sales call. After conducting your productivity assessments, you can identify areas where you could increase productivity and take steps to improve those areas.


It’s challenging to run a profitable service business, but it’s not impossible. One of the best ways to increase the profitability of your business is to increase your productivity. Follow the strategies we outlined above to increase your productivity and increase the amount of profits your business generates.


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